The attempt to drive young, normal women off the web

Anyone devoting time to Deplorable, MAGA, Brexit, family type politics really does, IMHO, however he/she might see Blonde as relevant only to the young, need to give her a hearing – this is her latest.

And yes, it’s a small community with the Martin Selners, Brittanies, the Canadian girl, the Brexit Party youth – but they’re getting big traffic and that’s critical. Turning Point is another good group. My view, as you’d gather from my old profession, is to help and encourage young people like Blonde.

She’s having her doubts, they’re being rotten to her, Soros I’m sure is at least part funding it.

Blonde mentions that girls are more vulnerable … than who? Than men. A lifetime of fighting does help. She explains why they’re targetting young women on this side – it’s to convey the impression that anyone Deplorable must be a male loser in a basement.

So big money attacks, belittle’s threatens, doxxes or prints private details – the push to get young women offline is enormous. We must not let it happen. If you blog, you can help by posting this youtube.

I don’t like her crude expressions, they do nothing for her image, someone needs to tell her that.


1. Name’s Justin, Justin Soy Boy:

2. “But of course in the end, the country voted to leave. You might not like that and I might not like that, and many people watching this programme may think that was the wrong choice. But we are a democracy.”

Global cooling

Pictures of protests taking place all over the world are flooding in.

And despite the miles separating the strikes, a common theme has emerged in the photos – most of the protesters are really young.

From teenage girls in Bangladesh wearing their school uniforms as they march in protest to primary school pupils waving placards in Melbourne, they are all united in their desire for climate justice and an end to the use of fossil fuels.

And there’s more to come. Children and young people across the globe are preparing to walk out of lessons and lectures, with millions of workers expected to join them.

Now, we need to stop and think:

1. These are children, therefore easily brainwashed, dazzled by pseudo-science.

2.? They are being cajoled, not by teachers as such but as Chuckles says, by ‘salaried activists’ and they require Hercules to clean these Augean stables.

3. This is global in scope, i.e. it’s been organised by some force or power.

4. It’s utter bollox, an excuse for kids not to be in school.

OK, let’s check these out – as adults, you can open them for yourselves:

Bridges to Ireland

Boris is cleaning out his garage and comes upon an old lamp lying in a corner.
He figures what the heck, takes the lamp, rubs it, and sure enough a Genie pops out. “Thank you for awakening me. I will grant you one wish.”

Boris inquires, “Anything I want?”

“Yes, sure thing, anything,” says the Genie.

Boris says, “I’ve always wanted to be able to drive to Northern Ireland, how about a bridge there from Scotland so that I can drive there whenever I want to visit.”

“A bridge to Ireland?!” the Genie replies, “That’s a really tough request. The water is up to a mile deep in places, the swells in that part of the sea sometimes reach 25 feet.

The bridge would have to be miles long. The amount of concrete and steel to accomplish that will have to come from somewhere, it will be nearly impossible.? May I ask you to think of a different wish?”

Boris thinks for a bit. “OK then, sort out Brexit for me so we leave the EU on October 31st, and everyone is happy about it.”

The Genie looks at him and says “So, that bridge, how many lanes you want, 2 lanes or 4?”